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Co2 Laser Cutting Machine

Co2 Laser Cutting Machine


Co2 laser cutting machine glows as laser power drives laser tube, whose light will be passed on to laser head. Then the focusing lens installed on the laser head can assemble light to a point and the point can reach to high temperature, which can instantly turn materials into gas. Thus, air exhauster can absorb the vapor and cutting can be achieved. The main gas filled in laser tube is Co2 and that’s why such laser tube is named after Co2 laser tube. Thus, cutting machine with Co2 laser tube is called Co2 laser tube cutting machine.
Note: Custom-made cutting machines are available.


Applicable Materials: Metal, Acrylic, Plexiglas, double color board, ABS board, PVC board, bamboo, MDF, wood, paper , leather, fabric, wool, rubber, resin etc.
Applicable Industries: Advertisement( marks, signs, billboards, plates) bamboo and wood product, art craft work, ornament, paper-cutting, cloth, fabric, hang bag, glove, garment, leather, embroidery, shoemaking, toy, crystal, packing and printing, panel, mould, decoration, upholster and other related industries.


1. HY-0604 Co2 Laser Cutting Machine
2. HY-0906 Co2 Laser Cutting Machine
3. HY-1206 Co2 Laser Cutting Machine
4. HY-1209 Co2 Laser Cutting Machine
5. HY-1410 Co2 Laser Cutting Machine
6. HY-1610 Co2 Laser Cutting Machine
7. HY-2515 Co2 Laser Cutting Machine
8. HY-3015 Co2 Laser Cutting Machine


1. Co2 Laser Cutting Machine can automatically generate light network with uniform light high brightness.
2.It is widely applied in material processing,featured by fast speed、high precision、less loss and high efficiency owing to automatic optimization and intelligent motion control.
3. The cutting machine has multicolor cutting set,which can draw and cut at the same time.
4. One computer control 254 sets of devices comes true by means of high and safe speed LAN interface and two-way communication. It can reduce cost and improve working efficiency.
5. Co2 Laser Cutting Machine has unique power off memory. It can continue to work after accidental blackout to avoid the material waste.
6. It has unique processing models. You can choose different processing pattern according to your material and processing.


1. To ensure that the circulating water is moderate and suitable and the water should be clean without impurities (purified water is better). Besides, the water should be renewed regularly (7days).
2. Every time you open the machine and you must check whether submersible pump works well. If no water flows from submersible pump, the cutting machine can’t work.
3. Operation of the machine without ground connection is forbidden. You must guarantee the ground connection be reliable in case of harm caused by static.
4. When you do engraving, you must open fan to avoid polluting lens and focusing lens.
5. Don’t place flammable and explosive objects around cutting machine. When cutting machine works, the cover on the top of the machine must be sealed to avoid fire or wounding caused by laser deviation.


1. Water tank should be washed and the water should be renewed once a week.
2. Make sure the laser tube is full of circulating water before the machine works.
3. Cleaning the machine everyday is suggested and the machine must be closed when cleaning.

Service Advantages:

1. The company is fully equipped with producing equipments and advanced managerial conception. Besides, the company has a group of scientific researchers with high technical content and new managerial personnel with much experience.
2. The company pays great attention to market needs and is engaged in providing needed products. The company has developed laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, laser marking machine and metal laser cutting machine and other products to satisfy different needs of different clients in different fields.
3. Custom-made laser cutting machines are available. Package, transportation and payment:
Package: Wooden box
transportation: By sea, by air