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Optical Lenses
  • ZnSe Laser Focus Lens
  • ZnSe Laser Focus LensLaser lens is widely applied in laser processing, like cutting, drilling, welding, sculpture, etc. T ...
  • Laser Reflector
  • Laser ReflectorLaser reflector is widely used in laser CO2 laser processing machine including laser cutting, laser ...

Optical Lenses


The optical lenses also are called collecting lenses because of its convergence. They usually work as output lenses of laser cavity and focusing lenses at the terminal. Reflective optical element is built in laser cavity as back-view lens and mirror lens. Besides, they also can be used to turn beam in beam transmission system.
Optical lenses are widely used in laser processing and are evitable parts for laser printing machine, laser engraving machine, laser marking machine and laser cutting machine.


1. Laser Lens
2. Laser Reflector


1. Optical lenses can stand high-power density. The film is firm and wipe resistance is great. Transmittance of double-side anti reflective coating film is (10.6μm) ≥99%.
2. Low price and high quality. You can get good-quality laser lens and laser reflector from our company at the most favorable price.

Requirement for installation:

The optical lenses should be placed downward when during installation.


1. Keeping lens clean
Optical lenses could easily be tainted with dust or other pollutants, which can cause laser loss or damage to lens. Thus, lens should be kept clean.
2. During cleaning, please wipe the lens by lens paper from the center area to the edges in a spiral way carefully by dipping cleaning solution.
3. Please wipe optical lenses gently in case of destroying surface coating. Package, transportation and payment:
Package: Carton box
Transportation: By sea, by air or by express
Payment: TT,Paypal,Wester Union 100% in advance