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Laser Reflector

Laser Reflector

Product Introduction:

Laser reflector is widely used in laser CO2 laser processing machine including laser cutting, laser engraving machine, marking, drilling and other laser systems. Laser reflector is an important component in laser beam transmission system. Laser reflector can be divided into, mo metal mirror, silicon dielectric and film reflector.
It is featured by less laser loss and powerfulness of laser work, high reflectivity, light weight, wear resistance and resistance to oxidation.

Application of Co2 Laser Glass Lamp:

Generally, laser reflector uses molybdenum and silicon as the substrate.
Mo reflector can work under harsh conditions and has long working life, and endure higher power without coating on surface.
Now silicon reflector with good is widely used.
Dielectric and film reflector is a new reflection mirror with the single crystal silicon as substrate and coating dielectric material on it to reflect CO2 laser.


Index Mo mirror Silicon dielectric film, reflector
Diameter 20mm/25mm/30mm 20mm/25mm/30mm
Thickness 3mm 3mm
Materials Molybdenum Silicon
Color Silver Gray Yellow

Processing Requirements for Laser Reflector:

Type Laser reflector
Appearance tolerance 0/-0.1mm
Thickness tolerance ±0.1mm
Finish S1:40-20,S2: Finish grinding
Parallel degree S1:40-20,S2: Finish grinding
Effective aperture >90%
Chamfer <0.2×45°
Coating coating high anti-membrane
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