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Special Co2 Laser Power Supply
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Special Co2 Laser Power Supply


Special 60W, 80W, 100W, 120W and 150W laser supply, specially designed for CO2 laser tube and CO2 laser machine, is laser tube-matched high voltage power supply with high efficiency, high frequency and high stability. Co2 laser power supply is used by CO2 laser engraving machine and cutting machine manufacturers at home and abroad, for its stable performance, convenient operation, fresh design, small size and light weight.
Co2 laser power supply adopts protective technology against overvoltage, over current and water failure. Shell is made of imported metal panels with superior quality, high strength and great

anti-rust performance.

Application of:

Co2 laser tube power source is widely used in engraving, craft cutting, clothes, construction materials, leather and acrylic, etc.


1. RECI Co2 Laser Tube Power Source
2. EFR Co2 Laser Power Supply
3. CMA Co2 Laser Cutting Machine Power Generator
4. King Rabbit Co2 Laser Cutting machine Power Supply
5. High Power Co2 Laser Source
6. GSI Co2 Laser Power Supply
7. YAG Laser Welding Machine Power Supply

Why us:

1. With simple port control and easy machine installation, as well as board card signal and protection switches against abnormal operation, Co2 laser power supply can detect external water and air ventilation conditions.
2. Laser power adjustment can be input 0-5V analog signal, as well as PWM signal to control the degree of laser power.

Important Notes:

1. Open circuit for the high voltage output end is not allowed. Positive and negative terminals of high voltage output end and laser device shall be connected correctly.
2. Owing to the built-in bleeder resistor, the CO2 laser power supply is able to discharge the residual voltage completely within two seconds after power failure. Just in case, please handle carefully under such conditions so as to avoid electric shock. Make sure the insulation safety requirements of 40KV high voltage at both ends of high voltage.
3. The CO2 laser power supply shall be used in combination with three-pin sockets which come with the grounding terminal. Chassis shall be strictly grounded to avoid electrical shock.
4. Power supply shall be earthed well.

Maintenance of Co2 laser power supply:

1. Please keep laser power supply clean to avoid dust accumulation around the high voltage terminals. Also, the system shall be kept dry and away from metals so as to avoid electrical discharging.
2. Good heat dissipation shall be ensured.

Advantage of Co2 Laser Tube Power Source:

1. 24-hour technical support by email or calling
2. User-friendly English manual for power supply usage and maintenance.

Package, delivery and payment term:

Package: Carton Box
Delivery: By sea, by air or by express
Payment term: TT, PayPal, Western Union 100% in advance