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Precision Xenon Lamp Power Supply

Precision Xenon Lamp Power Supply


Precision arc xenon lamp power supply is a special power supply with high performance and high efficiency. This power supply is characterized by stability, reliability, little current wave, accurate constant current, wide input voltage, which make it easy to start xenon lamp,makes the arc light stable and enlarges longevity of xenon lamp. Our company is a professional manufacturer of power supply in China.


Precision arc xenon lamp power supply can be widely used in precise optical instruments, instruments, teaching instruments and medical equipments.


1. 150W precision arc xenon lamp power supply
2. 150W wide input voltage precision xenon power supply
3. 180W precision arc xenon lamp power supply
4. 350W precision xenon power supply
5. 500W precision arc xenon lamp power supply
6. 1000W precision arc xenon lamp power supply


1. High stability and reliability, MTBF≥90000Hours.
2. Output small amplitudes current and accurate constant current, xenon lamp of service life can be prolonged.
3. It has goods match with xenon lamp (Osram Bingsong).
4. The arc xenon lamp power supply have remote control interface,TTL level to control the xenon lamps.
5. Overload protection and overheating protection.
6. Good Electromagnetic and compatibility


1.Electrode lead should be tight,reliable and have good contact. Reverse electrode connection must be avoided.
2. The actual power of bulb should not higher than rated power and keeps heat dissipation in good condition to avoid melting due to high temperature. These are important steps to lengthen the longevity of bulb.
3. Please manage to reduce the coefficient of electric current ripple, which in turn can lengthen the working life of bulb, can make the electric arc stable.


Installation site arc xenon lamp power supply should be free from dust, moisture or other pollutants, direct thermal radiation. To ensure no barrier stand in the way of ventilation to keep the good ventilation.

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