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Power Supply


Power Supply is a kind of electronic device which can supply the load with AC power and DC power. It is classified into AC stabilized-voltage AC power supply and DC stabilized DC power voltage supply. AC stabilized-voltage power also is called AC voltage stabilizer. With the development of electric technology, especially the wide application of electric technology in industry fields and scientific research fields, the various electric equipments need stable AC power supply. Power grid’s direct power supply can’t satisfy the needs. Then the appearance of stabilized voltage supply solves the problem.

Scale of Application:

When the grid voltage fluctuates instantly, stable power will supply at the speed of 10-30ms to ensure the voltage around ±2%. Apart from the most fundamental function, stabilizing voltage, voltage stabilizer also has those functions, like over-voltage protection (over output voltage around +10%), low-voltage protection (below output voltage around -10%), and phase-lack protection, short-circuit protection.


1. Precision Xenon Lamp Power Supply
2. UPOE Power Supply
Advantages and Features:
1. Little power consumption and high efficiency.
2. Small volume and light weight
3. Wide scale of stable voltage with this power supply
4. Great increase on filtering and huge decrease on capacity and volume of filtering capacitance.
5. Flexibility and variety of circuit forms


1. In order to avoid inference of magnetic flux leakage, the distance between voltage stabilizer and local should be at least 2 meters. The magnetic records, CDs, cards etc. should be 2 meters away from local in case of magnetization.
2 Voltage stabilizers usually contain input terminal (A, B, C), output terminal (a, b, c, n), shield, iron shell earth terminal. All of these terminals have been correctly connected in the stable voltage system.
3. If load imbalance of power supply is more than 20%, resistive load can be connected to the light load to make it balanced. If the imbalance of input terminal’s line voltage is more than 10%, it also will influence the property of stable voltage. Then the device of one-way transformation voltage from input terminal should be installed to keep the balance of the line voltage at the input terminal. Input voltage balance and load balance ought not to surpass the scale mentioned above and output line voltage should be ≤5%.
4. When the load equipments have short circuit, users should close the machine to check. The machine can be reopened after solving the short-circuit failure.
5. If the machine works continually for a long time, its temperature will rise relatively and its index will decrease mildly, will be slightly below the material voltage.
6. Power supply should be placed in an airy place. If the ventilation is not good, please install the ventilator indoors.


Voltage stabilizer should be used in airy and dry indoors. It has strict requirement for environment when put into use. Installation site should be free from any gas, vapor, chemical deposition, dust, greasy dirt and other explosive and corrosive media which can influence insulating property of voltage stabilizer. In addition, installation site should avoid severe shake and vibration.
Package, transportation and payment:
Package: Wooden box
Transportation: By sea, by air