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RECI Co2 Laser Tube Power Supply

RECI Co2 Laser Tube Power Supply


Based on performance, RECI Co2 laser power generator is a specially developed matched high voltage power supply with small size, light weight and simple operation. It is endowed with outstanding matching performance, and able to connect with laser directly, and no need of heavy and overheated ballast resistance. Power supply enables Co2 laser to start easier, perform better, improve transfer efficiency and prolong working life.

Application of Co2 Laser Power Source:

RECI Co2 laser power generator is designed to sculpture and cut acrylic, fabric, double color sheet and rubber, etc.


1. HY-DY10 80W RECI Co2 Laser Tube Power Supply
2. HY-DY13 100W RECI Co2 Laser Tube Power Supply
3. HY-DY20 150W RECI Co2 Laser Tube Power Supply

Main features of Co2 Laser Power Source:

1.RECI Co2 laser power generator is specially designed for RECI Co2 laser tube, as well as laser tubes of other manufacturers. Please inquire us when matching laser tube of other manufacturers.
2. Sculpture type is quick in response and good in effect.
3. Working life of RECI laser tube is prolonged remarkably.
4. Easy to control, as both high and low level can be applied to control: use TTL level to control the start and stop of laser, and equipped with protection switch to inspect water and air ventilation conditions.
5. Easy to control laser power: Both 0-5V analog signal and PWM signal can be used to control laser power.
6. Co2 laser power generator is endowed with open protection function: when protective earthing is in good condition, power supply can work for a short time under open circuit status. In this way, damage to power supply caused by burst of laser tube can be avoided. As a result, working life of power supply can be prolonged.
7. Co2 laser power generator can be equipped with feedback interface for closed-loop control, as well as inspection on actual working current of laser.

Important Notes:

1. Reach the best output effect by adjusting supporting point or rotating position of laser tube during debug, and then fix laser tube.
2. Laser tube is glassware and fragile. Please avoid local pressure or collision in installation and usage.
3. Apply Co2 laser power generator in a rational way and save laser energy. Control working current of laser tube under rated working current.
4. With principle of "low coming in and high coming out”, connect with cooling water firstly and adjust position of outlet tube to ensure that cooling tube is filled with cooling water and no bubble, and then start power supply.

Maintenance of Co2 Laser Power Source:

1. Please keep Co2 laser power generator clean to avoid dust accumulation around the high voltage electrode. Also, the system shall be kept dry and away from metals so as to avoid high voltage electro-discharging.
2. Good heat dissipation shall be ensured.

Service advantage:

1. 24-hour technical support by email or calling
2. User-friendly English manual for Co2 laser power generator usage and maintenance.

Packaging, Delivery and Payment

Packaging: Carton box
Delivery Method: By sea, by air or by express
Payment Terms: TT, PayPal, and Western Union 100% in advance