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Co2 Laser Tube and Optical Lenses
  • Co2 Laser Tube
  • Co2 Laser TubeWe pass ISO9001/2000 quality certification and earn CE Certificate. The sealed CO2 laser tube made ...
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  • Optical Lenses1. Optical lenses can stand high-power density. The film is firm and wipe resistance is great. Trans ...

Co2 Laser Tube and Optical Lenses


Co2 laser tube and optical lenses are essential parts of laser machine. They can focalize, reflect laser beam and form a perfect light path so as to make laser machine work well.


Co2 laser tube and optical lenses are widely used in laser processing, and an indispensible part of laser stamp marker, laser engraving, laser marking machine and laser cutting.


1. Co2 Laser Tube
2. Optical lenses

Why us:

1. Our laser machine has passed ISO9001/2000 quality certification and CE Certificate.
2. Striving to improve efficiency and reduce costs, we have absolute predominance in price by selling products directly to end users on Aliexpress as a manufacture.

Note of Co2 Laser Tube and Optical Lenses:

1. Please connect cooling water first, and then open power supply.
2. If there is deposit within the laser tube, it is highly suggested to take off the laser tube and clean it with water, and then re-install it for use.
3. Keep the optical outlet lenses clean is of high importance. If the laser tube is used in bad condition, professional shall use alcohol to wipe it gently (In general, it has to be ensured that optical outlet lenses are clean, and not suitable to wipe directly, but suggested to use cleaning balloon to blow away the surface dust obliquely) to ensure the laser power operates well.

Maintenance of Co2 Laser Tube and Optical Lenses:

Laser has three reflectors and one focus lens (the first reflector is located at the emission outlet of the laser, i.e. top left corner, the second one located at the left end of the beam, the third one located at the top of the fixed part of laser head, and the focus lens is located within the adjustable lenses cone underneath the laser head). The laser is emitted from laser head through lenses reflection and focus. Lenses are easy to be stained with dust or other containment, which wear laser or damage lenses. No need to take the first and second lenses off when cleaning, but just wipe it from its center to edge in rotary motion with lens wiping paper dipped into cleaning fluid. The third lens and focus lamp shall be taken off from bracket and wiped in the same way, and re-installed as before.

Service advantage of Laser Machine:

1. For international customer, we provide professional technician support on all our products by Trademanager within 24 hours.
2. Any problems about products, we will provide step by step instruction for you. Product package: delivery mode and payment term:
Product package: Carton box inside wooden box
Delivery mode: By sea, by air or by express
Payment term: TT, PayPal, Western Union 100% in advance