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Laser Power Supply
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Laser Power Supply

Product Description

CO2 laser power supply refers to the high voltage power supply designed for CO2 laser devices. It is characterized with small size, light weight, easy operation, and great compatibility with CO2 lasers. As the laser power supply can be connected with laser devices directly, the demand for a lumpish ballast resistor which usually overheats can be eliminated.
Our range of CO2 laser power supply allows CO2 laser devices to be started conveniently and smoothly, and also maximizes the performance of laser devices by improving the conversion efficiency and extending the laser lifespan.

Application of Laser Power Generator

Our laser power supply is widely used in industries such as laser engraving, crafts cutting, cloth making, building material, leather cutting, and acrylic.


1. Co2 laser power source
2. Special Co2 laser power generator

Advantages of Laser Power Generator:

Our CO2 laser power supply is designed with over voltage, over current and water shortage protection functions. Due to the innovative high frequency high voltage switching mode, it offers superior compatibility with corresponding types of laser tubes, and enables CO2 laser devices to operate with enhanced stability.


1. During operation, laser tube should be cooled with water.
2. Open circuit for the high voltage output end is not allowed. The positive and negative terminals of the high voltage output end and the laser device shall be connected correctly. 3. CO2 laser power supply is available with a built-in bleeder resistor, and thus, it will be able to discharge the residual voltage within two seconds after power failure. Just in case, please handle carefully under such conditions so as to avoid electric shock.
4. Our laser power supply should be used in combination with three-pin sockets which come with the grounding terminal. The housing should be strictly grounded to avoid electrical shock.

Maintenance of Laser Power Generator:

1. The CO2 laser power supply should be kept clean always so as to avoid dust accumulation around the high voltage terminals. Also, it should be kept dry, and keep away from metals so as to avoid electrical discharging.
2. Good heat dissipation should be ensured.

Service Advantages:

1. 24-hour technical supports by email or telephone call are available.
2. User-friendly English manual is also available to offer usage and maintenance instructions for CO2 laser power supply.

Packaging, Delivery and Payment:

Packaging: Carton box
Delivery Method: By sea, air or express
Payment Terms: TT, PayPal, Western Union 100% in advance