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ZnSe Laser Focus Lens

ZnSe Laser Focus Lens

Product Introduction:

Laser lens is widely applied in laser processing, like cutting, drilling, welding, sculpture, etc. Two series of flat-convex and crescent-shaped lens have been developed to satisfy the market needs. The laser lens can withstand high density and is hard to fall off. To provide better service, the company has improved the design of laser lens from two sides – diffraction and aberration and has developed a series of products with the minimum actual focal spot diameter.
Note: custom-made laser lens is also available.


Laser lens is widely used in laser CO2 laser processing industry, including laser cutting machine, engraving, marking, drilling and other laser machine.

Parameters of ZnSe Laser Focus Lens:

Diameter: 15mm/ 18mm/ 19.05mm/ 20mm/ 25mm
Focus Length: 38.1mm/ 50.8mm/ 63.5mm/ 76.2mm/ 101.6mm/ 127mm
Materials: ZnSe (USA)
Structure: Meniscus

Processing Requirements for Laser Lens:

Designed wavelength 10.6um
Focus length tolerance ±1%
Appearance tolerance 0/-0.1mm
Thickness tolerance ±0.1mm
Finish 20-10
Eccentric <3′
Effective aperture >90%
Chamfer <0.2×45°
Coating Film 10.6um AR-coating
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