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UPOE Power Supply
  • 4 Ports UPOE Power Supply
  • 4 Ports UPOE Power SupplyIt is developed by our company and communication company’s technical personnel according to its appl ...
  • 8 Ports UPOE Power Supply
  • 8 Ports UPOE Power SupplyUninterruptible power supply POE, we also call UPOE (Uninterruptible Power Over Ethernet). 8ports UP ...

UPOE Power Supply


Uninterruptible Power Supply POE, we also call UPOE (uninterruptible power over Ethernet), which is tailored specifically for communication companies to meet the standards or 802.3AT 802.3AF standard. UPOE Uninterruptible power supply is developed by our company and communication company’s technical personnel according to its applied requirements, applied places, applied environments and other conditions. After applied in communication companies of many cities, the UPOE Uninterruptible power supply gets very positive feedback and it turns out to be the updated product of ordinary UPS + POE power supply scheme.
This power supply uses the battery in the base station as the back-up battery. It takes a great advantage over traditional scheme, can certainly replace the traditional scheme, inverter + ONU (or switch) + POE. UPOE Uninterruptible power supply is characterized by high reliability, high efficiency,low cost, no battery consumption with electric supply. Compared with inverter, UPOE Uninterruptible power supply is more efficient, reliable with lower costs and it is preferred to be applied in construction of WLAN together by means of base station.


UPOE can be used in new networks of WLAN or established wireless networks WLAN without an uninterruptible power supply. It possesses the function that ordinary UPS and POE keep but takes an advantage over UPS + POE power supply scheme.


1. 4ports U POE Power Supply
2. 8ports UPOE Power Supply


1. Less investment
Compared with common centralized UPS uninterruptible power supply scheme, UPOE Uninterruptible power supply can reduce 40% of investment costs.
2. Powerfulness.
It can achieve the AP, ONU or switch, and AP uninterruptible power supply has an alarm.
3. Maintenance after failure is very simple.
If UPOE Uninterruptible power supply fails, you can unplug connectors and replace it directly. Non-professionals can also do this within 10 minutes.
4. Short-circuit protection
Output net interface RJ-45 is loaded with short-circuit protection, checking function. When one way has short circuit, it will have no impact on other ways’ output.
5. Module has AC power supply index, DC power supply index, index for charging battery, index for low voltage of battery.


1. Once AC power supply stops, UPOE Uninterruptible power supply will be changed to battery power supply without delay. When the battery discharge to the degree of cut-off voltage, the battery power supply will be cut off to avoid the over battery discharge.
2. Input and output of module has the lightening protection. Besides, the output net interface has network transformer, filter and lightening protection protecting module or ONU from the destroying of thunder or other natural disaster.


Installation site of UPOE Uninterruptible power supply should be free from dust, moisture or other pollutants, direct thermal radiation. To ensure no barrier stand in the way of ventilation to keep the good ventilation.

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