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YAG Laser Welding Machine Power Supply

YAG Laser Welding Machine Power Supply


Internal of YAG laser welding machine power supply is controlled by single chip computer. The operator can program output parameter by key board to achieve all requirements of cutting various thickness and different kinds of metals. It is an ideal power supply for multifunctional YAG laser cutting machine.

Application :

YAG laser welding machine power supply is widely employed by laser welding machine, advertising industry and welding of advertising words, etc.


1. 200W YAG Laser Welding Machine Power Source
2. 400W YAG Laser Welding Machine Power Generator

Main features:

1. YAG laser welding machine power supply adopts single chip computer and analogous circuit to realize easy and reliable control function.
2. It adopts input voltage regulator technology solely, with strong output power and high capacity to adapt to grid fluctuation.
3. It applies independent constant-current control technology to ensure stable output and high control precision.
4. YAG laser welding machine power supply adopts latest high power and high frequency IGBT module, continuous flow module, rectifier module with high power and high reliability.
5. Multiple protections are employed for power conversion parts to avoid failure expansion.
6. Failure detection becomes intelligent and failure removal becomes simplified.
7. Preset power supply output specifications on computer to cut down complex operation.
8. YAG laser welding machine power supply is endowed with functions of emitting light manually and at low frequency, which facilitates laser debug.
9. Optimize production and maintenance procedure by modular design.
10. Reduce size of power supply by high frequency design.

Important Notes:

1.Pay attention to high voltage discharge when connecting xenon lamps. Distance of bare wires shall not be less than 20mm.
2.Wire diameter of xenon lamp shall not be less than 12mm2. Please do not press wires too hard to avoid breaking off wires. Look at contact area between connector and wire, and try to enlarge the contact area to prevent too much contact resistance affecting power output. Meanwhile, avoid heat of terminal and wire caused by overlarge contact resistance, which may trigger danger.
3.Xenon wire shall be more than high voltage resistant 25000V. Notice the insulation between xenon lamp and cavity to prevent discharge which may affect starter.
4.For YAG laser welding machine power supply, start without light is forbidden.
5.Only professionals can open the high voltage box.
6.Keep ventilation of power supply and ensure working environment temperature strictly.
7.Lamp needs cooling for a while, so water pump shall work for another 20 seconds after turning off the system.
8.Make sure earthing of YAG laser welding machine power supply is in good condition.

Maintenance :

1. Please keep laser power supply clean to avoid dust accumulation around the high voltage electrode. Also, the system shall be kept dry and away from metals so as to avoid high voltage electro-discharging.
2. Good heat dissipation shall be ensured.

Service advantage:

1. 24-hour technical support by email or calling
2. User-friendly English manual for power supply using and maintaining

Product packaging, delivery mode and payment terms :

Product packaging: Carton Box
Delivery mode: By sea, by air or by express
Payment terms: TT, PayPal, Western Union 100% in advance