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HY-1206 Co2 Laser Cutting Machine

HY-1206 Co2 Laser Cutting Machine


HY-01206 Co2 laser cutting machine can greatly improve work efficiency and working life to 10,000 hours owing to scientific and professional design. Its work area is 1200×600mm.

Application :

Applicable materials:

A Wooden products, wool, leather, fabric, acrylic, rubber, crystal, bamboo products, jade, ceramic tile and other non-metal materials.

Applicable industries:

Garment, leather, cloth toy, computer embroidery and clipping, electronics, handicraft, advertisement, decoration, buliding upholster, printing and packing, paper products and other industries.

Main Features:

1. X and Y axis with HIWIN high accuracy square rail, perfect performance.
2. Manufacturer uses square tube framework machine body 40% higher than simple iron sheet structure, no distortion. It can prevent machine from shake and resonance during long term work.
3. Life time reaches to 10000 hours. It is very efficient tube with stable laser path,
4. Red cross point offers highest accuracy position.
5. Humanized and modern design makes work happy, safe and easy.
6. Transparent acrylic watching door, easy checking work process.
7. Professional motion control card offers continual fast curve cutting with shortest path selection.


Model HY-1206
Work area (mm) 1200×600mm
Dimension: 1800×1100*1100
Laser tube power 60/80/100W
Engraving speed <500mm/s
Cutting speed <400mm/s
Communication interface USB
Work table Strip panel/Honey comb board
Location precision <0.01mm
Power supply AC220V +/-10% 50Hz
Drive mode Stepper motor
Total power <1250W
Design software CorelDraw, AutoCAD
Picture format supported PLT, DXF, BMP,JPEG, CDR,DWG
Color separation reaches 256 colors to cut
Cooling system Industrial chiller
Working temperature 0 -45°C
Working humidity 5-95% free from condensate water
Net weight 240KG

Guarantee and after- sale service:

1. The guarantee of machines is one year.
2. 6 months warranty for laser tube (except human damage).
3. Replace all parts for free during warranty period (except human damage).
4. Excellent engineers with good English are ready to provide door-to- service.
5. The company also provides, 24 hours technology online support, by Skype, MSN, Yahoo, etc or by mail and phone.
6. Door to door technical group service is provided.

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