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1500W Co2 Laser Power Supply

1500W Co2 Laser Power Supply


Model: HY-T1500 Co2 Laser Power Supply for Co2 Laser Generator
Alias: Co2 Laser Generator, Co2 Laser Source, Co2 Laser Device, High Voltage Power Supply

Application of Co2 Power Supply:

HY- T1500 laser generator power supply is designed for big power axis high flow Co2 laser tube and laser generator.

Main Features:

1. This split typed laser generator power supply is specially designed for axis high power co2 laser generator. Each power supply drives one laser tube of generator. They may work in 4sets, 8sets and 12sets with free and flexible combination.
2. High voltage and current output: when input reaches AC220V, the output current can reach 100mA and voltage 15KV.
3. High Voltage Power Supply: Input AC 220V or AC 110V Voltage, Max output DC 45KV.
4. HY-T1500 Laser power supply is endowed with quick response, which can enlarge laser power and prolong laser tube’s working life.

Advantages of Co2 Power Supply:

1. Easy Control: The start and stop of laser can be easily controlled by TTL level. Both 0-5V analog signal and 5V PWM signal can control the laser power.
2. Laser generator power supply has output open circuit protection.
3. It has TTL signal indication, water through signal indication and laser output indication.
4. Feedback interface: this interface can be used for close-loop control as well as for testing working current of laser equipment.

Connection Diagram of Laser Generator Power Supply and Laser Tube

Pin definitions

TH Input Signal On-Off laser control,TH≥3V, emitting laser; TL≤0.3V, no laser.
TL Input Signal On-Off laser control,TH≥3V, no laser; TL≤0.3V, emitting laser
WP Input Signal On-Off laser control,TH≥3V, no laser; TL≤0.3V, emitting laser
G GND This foot must be connected well with the laser machine shell and the ground of control board.
IN Input Signal The control of laser power: Both 0-5V analog signal and 5V PWM signal can control the laser power.
5V Output Power Output 5V, the maximum output current is 20mA.


1. Input of WP pin could be switching signal of water or ventilation. If WP pin is not connected with ground through dry contact as shown in Figure 1, but through optical coupler, then WP pin should be connected to collector of optical coupler as shown in Figure 2.

2. When PWM signal is used to control power of laser, frequency of PWM should not be less than 20 kHz and magnitude (peak-peak) should not be greater than 5V.

Specification of Co2 Power Supply HY-T1500

Input Input Voltage AC 220V or 110V(Please be specified when placing order)
AC Frequency 47---440Hz
Max Input Power 1800W
Max Input Current 15A
Output Max Output Voltage DC 45KV
Max Output Current DC 100 mA
Efficiency ≥90%(Full load)
MTBF ≥10000 H
Response Time ≤1mS(90% time from the TTL Signal is given to the output current up to pre-setting current)
Control Interface TTL level,actual level could be high or low(see diagram of section 4)
Withstanding voltage Input-output, input-case: AC1500V 10mA 60s; negative pole connected to case
Protection Open circuit for short timer period (case being well grounded and no electric arc between positive pole and case)
Environment Operating Temperature(-10~40)℃,Relative humidity: ≤90%
Cooling Forced-air cooling
Dimension L×W×H=340×265×95(mm)
Color Black

Technical Support of Co2 Power Supply:

1. Our laser generator power supply passes ISO9001 and CE.
2. We are manufacturer of Co2 laser generator power supply, and stick to firm quality control system, so that we can supply the best quality products with lowest prices for our client.
3. With a professional technical support group, we can assist you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any product problem.
4. Manual testing: Make sure the power supply and laser tube wiring are right firstly, offline the control line and then press red button " TEST” to test whether laser tube emit light or not. This method can be served as a simple judgment as whether laser generator power supply is working or not.


Our laser generator power supply is available with one year warranty. If problem occurs during this period, we can send you Free Parts for your repairing.

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