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400W YAG Laser Welding Machine Power Supply

400W YAG Laser Welding Machine Power Supply


HPXW12-D 400W YAG laser welding machine power source is controlled by single chip computer. Therefore, it belongs to NC power supply. The operator can program output parameter by key board to achieve all requirements of cutting various thickness and different kinds of metals. 400W YAG laser welding machine power source is an ideal power supply for multifunctional YAG laser cutting machine.
Model: HPXW12-D for 400w YAG Laser Welding Machine

Application :

HPXW12-D 400WYAG laser welding machine power generator is widely employed by advertising welding machine in advertising industry.

Main Features:

1. Adopt single chip computer and analogous circuit to realize easy and reliable control function.
2. Apply independent constant-current control technology to ensure stable output and high control precision.
3. Adopt latest high power and high frequency IGBT module, continuous flow module, rectifier module with large power margin and high reliability.
4. Failure detection becomes intelligent and failure removal becomes simplified.
5. Multiple protections are employed for power conversion parts to avoid failure expansion.

Advantages :

1. 400W YAG laser welding machine power source is endowed with functions of emitting light manually and at low frequency, which facilitates laser debug.
2. Optimize production and maintenance procedure by modular design.
3. Reduce size of power supply by high frequency design.
4. With LCD screen, interface is more friendly and beautiful.

Specification of 400W YAG laser welding machine power generator:

1. Input voltage: AC220V±10% 50/60Hz.
2. Control current: 100A-400A.
3. Pulse width: 0.1ms-20ms.
4. Laser frequency: 0.1Hz-200Hz button control, 0Hz is inching, 1Hz/step
5. Output power: ≤12KW(double lamps)
6. Parameters setting on power supply: Max 40 output wave parameters. Each output wave contains current, pulse width and frequency.
7. Environment: Operating temperature: -5--40degree Celsius, Relative humidity: (Without dew) less 80%, Dust: Less than 0.01g/m3
8. Dimension: L×W×H=525×428×267(mm) (case 1)
L×W×H=525×428×200(mm) (case 2)
9. Weight: 70KG

Technical Support:

1. Our range of 400W YAG laser welding machine power source is CE compliant and is manufactured in accordance with ISO9001standard.
2. We are a dedicated manufacturer of CO2 laser power supply and implement strict quality controls to provide our customers with best quality products at lowest prices.
3. We have professional technical support group for all the item selling. If you need any assistance on your item problem, please do not hesitate to contact us, our technical support will be there to assist you.


Our 400W YAG laser welding machine power source is available with one year warranty, during which free spare parts are available for power supply repairing purpose.

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