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Co2 Laser Tube
  • Common Co2 Laser Tube
  • Common Co2 Laser TubeCommon Co2 laser tube is used for laser engraving, laser cutting, laser stamp marker and laser perfo ...
  • High Power Co2 Laser Tube
  • High Power Co2 Laser TubeHigh power CO2 laser tube adopts new structure and U type laser tube cavity to enlarge laser power a ...

Co2 Laser Tube


Sealed CO2 laser tube is made up of hard glass, resonant cavity and electrode.
1. Hard glass: it is composed of discharge tube, water-cooled tube, gas storage tube and gas returning tube fired by Gg17 material.
2. Resonant cavity: Co2 laser tube is composed of total reflector and output reflector.
3. Electrode: CO2 laser, cylinder-shaped, often adopts cold cathode. Cathode material has important effects on the working life of the laser. Basic requirements on cathode material are low sputtering rate and gas absorptivity rate. The common used metal material is nickel.
Working principle: High-voltage discharge stimulates dense CO2 so as to generate laser with wave length of 10.6um.


Co2 laser tube is especially used for laser engraving, laser cutting, laser stamp marker, laser perforation, and laser medicine, etc.


1. Common Co2 Laser Tube
2. Extra Strength Co2 Laser Tube
3. High Power Co2 Laser Tube

Why us:

We pass ISO9001/2000 quality certification and earn CE Certificate.
The sealed CO2 laser tube made by our company is in the leading role in the domestic market and reaches advanced international standard. It adopts imported gas formula and comes with huge features, such as excellent mode, tiny spot, small divergence angle, stable luminescence property, great power, low output current and high cost performance, etc. We take special process to effectively lower the decomposition speed of working gas to largely extend its working life.


1. Co2 laser tube shall be used under good circulating water cooling condition.
2. It shall be equipped with laser supply with reliable performance.
3. The connection wire shall have reliable insulation.

Maintenance of Sealed Co2 Laser Tube:

1. Avoid dust gathering around the high voltage electrode and keep dry. Keep the high voltage end away from metal to avoid high voltage discharge.
2. Co2 laser tube is made of glass and fragile. Avoid partial stress during installation and usage, especially the tungsten rod cannot bear horizontal external force.

Service advantage:

1. For international customer, we provide professional technician support on all our products by Trademanager within 24 hours.
2. Any problems about Co2 laser tube, we will provide step by step instruction for you. Package, delivery and payment:
Product package: Carton box inside wooden box
Delivery mode: By sea, by air or by express
Payment term: TT, PayPal, Western Union 100% in advance