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High Power Co2 Laser Tube
  • 300W Co2 Laser Tube
  • 300W Co2 Laser TubeWe spend 7 years and large amount money in developing high power series medium power laser generator ...
  • 400W Co2 Laser Tube
  • 400W Co2 Laser TubeWe spend 7 years and large amount money in developing High Power series medium power laser generator ...

High Power Co2 Laser Tube


High power CO2 laser tube adopts new structure and U type laser tube cavity to enlarge laser power and reduce overall length of the laser tube. Adopt unique patent technology and structure to make the laser have stable light emission, tiny facula and long working life. Application of 300W and 400W Co2 Laser Tube:
High power Co2 laser tube is widely used in the cutting of acrylic, density board, knife template and thin metal plate. Compared with traditional laser tube, it can remarkably improve cutting speed.


1. 300W Co2 Laser Tube
2. 400W Co2 Laser Tube

Main features of 300W and 400W Co2 Laser Tube:

The sealed CO2 laser tube made by our company is in the leading role in the domestic market and reaches advanced international standard. High power Co2 laser tube adopts imported gas formula and comes with huge features, such as excellent mode, tiny spot, small divergence angle, stable luminescence property, great power, low output current and high cost performance, etc. We take special process to effectively lower the decomposition speed of working gas to largely extend its working life.


1. High power Co2 laser tube is the fourth generation high power CO2 laser (non-visible light). Approved laser protective eyeglasses must be worn when operating laser and the protective eyeglasses shall match with the wave length emitted by the laser whose wave length is 10.6 micrometers.
2. Looking directly at the laser beam or any reflected laser beam, even when you wear laser protective eyeglasses, is forbidden. Otherwise, it may cause blindness.
3. Make sure the laser beam is not reflected or diffuse back to the outlet lenses of the laser. Otherwise, it will damage the outlet lenses.
4. Make sure laser beam does not face toward the reflexive object directly. (Personnel jewelry has potential risk).
5. It is highly suggested not to place the laser on the same level with eyes, nor point to the entrance of the room. Please do not let laser out of windows.
6. Equip high power Co2 laser tube with reliable performance.

Maintenance of 300W and 400W Co2 Laser Tube:

1. If there is deposit within the laser tube, it is highly suggested to take off the laser tube and clean it with water, and then re-install it for use.
2. Keep the optical outlet lenses clean is of high importance. If high power Co2 laser tube is used in bad condition, professional shall use alcohol to wipe it gently (In general, it has to be ensured that optical outlet lenses are clean, and not suitable to wipe directly, but suggested to use cleaning balloon to blow away the surface dust obliquely) to ensure the laser power operates well.
3. Vary electric current according to power by Pulei requirements during laser usage. If the electric current is too high, it tends to shorten working life of the laser. At the same time, it’s better not to maintain long-term limiting power station, which will accelerate to shorten the working life of high power Co2 laser tube.
4. Adjust the supporting point and left and right rotating places well during laser tube commissioning process, so as to reach its best effect, and then fix laser tube.

Service advantage of 300W and 400W Co2 Laser Tube:

1. For international customer, we provide professional technician support on all our products by Trademanager whine 24 hours.
2. Any problems about high power Co2 laser tube, we will provide the step by step instruction for you. Package, delivery and payment:
Package: Carton box inside wooden box
Delivery: By sea, by air or by express
Payment: TT, PayPal, Western Union 100% in advance